Half Price Beauty Treatments with Ellie in January

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*Eyebrow Wax £3.50
*Lip Wax £3.00
*Chin Wax £3.00
*Underarm Wax £4.50
*Forearm Wax £6.00
*Chest Wax £8.50
*Standard Bikini Wax £5.50
*Extended Bikini Wax £7.50
*Brazilian Wax £9.00
*Hollywood Wax 11.50
*Back Wax £11.50
*Half Leg Wax £7.50
*Full Leg Wax £11.00
*Lip and Chin Wax £11.00
*Full Leg & Standard Bikini Wax £30.00


Eyebrow Thread £3.50
Lip Thread £2.50
Chin Thread £2.50

Eye Treatments

Eyelash Tint £5.00
Eyebrow Tint £3.50
Cluster Eyelashes £8.00

Brow Package

Eyebrow Wax or Thread with Tint £6.50


Eve Taylor Refresh Facial
30 Minutes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage and moisturise £10.50

Eve Taylor Rescue Facial
45 Minutes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturise £14.50

Eve Taylor Relax Facial
60 Minutes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturise £18.00

Eve Taylor Ultimate Facial
1hr 15 Minutes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, scalp and shoulder massage, mask and moisturise. £21.50


30 Mins £10.50
45 Mins £14.50
60 Mins £18.00

Hot Stone Massage

45 Mins £16.00
1 Hour £20.50

Indian Head Massage

30 Mins £10.50
45 Mins £14.50

Full Body Scrub £11.50
An invigorating scrub to remove dead skin cells that leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. Finishing with a light moisturiser.

Exclusive Total Body Care £30.00
1hr 30 Minutes
Skin brushing and cleansing followed by an aromatherapy body and scalp massage and a mini facial.

Cellulite?? Cellu-Later!! Are you Summer Body Ready?

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Just about all adult women suffer from cellulite to some degree. Cellulite is caused by fat pockets protruding between layers of connective tissue beneath the skin.
If cellulite is causing you to feel bad about how you look, it’s time to take action and find a cellulite treatment that will help you feel more confident and attractive! Most women have found that cellulite is a stubborn problem that is not easy to get rid of. While it can’t be eliminated, it’s appearance can definitely be altered and we now have the technology to help target those areas.

What’s involved in this treatment?

Each cellulite treatment session will last 45mins and will include dry body brushing of the legs buttocks and hips followed by use of the cellulite treatment machine together with a fabulous cellulite lotion which is a scientifically proven formula that visible reduces existing cellulite by inhibiting fatty acid production while stimulating lipolysis. Your treatment will finish with a leg and buttock massage using a cellulite body treatment oil.

Will it take long to see results?

Everyone’s levels of cellulite differs however physical appearance wise, you can begin experiencing a noticeable difference in the quality and look of the skin after just a few treatments. In terms of truly getting rid of fat from your body, it will take a little bit of time and effort; hence, a typical cellulite massage using a cellulite massage machine will probably be required for sustained outcomes.

Should I book a course of treatments?

YES. This treatment is not a miracle one off cure for cellulite, you will need a course of treatments and to see the full benefits will need to follow a maintenance program at home between visits to the salon.

How much does it cost?

A singular cellulite treatment will be £25 which will be offered as a pay as you go scheme.

We will also offer block course of cellulite treatments at discounted prices.

Buy 5 treatments and get 1 treatment FREE! £100 (saving £25)

Buy 10 treatments and get 2 treatments FREE! £200 (saving £50)

How often should I have this treatment?

This treatment can be carried out up to twice in one week however we recommend to have this treatment once a week for a minimum of 6 weeks.

What’s the maintenance program?

You will be offered the chance to buy the dry body brush plus the cellulite lotion used during your treatment. We recommend daily use of these products alongside a healthy diet, plenty of water and a little exercise to maintain the effects from your cellulite treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: Regular exercising is still required, along with healthy foods consumption and drinking lots of water. Doing this must be considered if you wish to get rid of cellulites completely.

Fabulous February & Valentines Offers

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Dont worry we have it covered. Amazing offers for everyone.

1st-15th February we are offering

10% OFF ALL Bikini Waxes.
OPTIONS- Hollywood, Brazillian, Extended Bikini, Standard Bikini
20% OFF Combined Bikini & Full Leg Wax

10% OFF Chest or Back Wax
20% OFF Combined Chest AND Back Wax


Share Valentines treats together with our Couples Facials

GENTS 45min Valentines Facial Includes, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hot Towel, Shave, Massage, Tone, Moisturise
Individual Price £30.00

LADIES 45min Valentines Facial Includes, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask with Scalp Massage, Tone Moisturise
Individual Price £29.00

Please note Couples Treatments will be carried out in separate rooms

20% Extra FREE on GIFT VOUCHERS over £25
Treat someone special by giving them the gift of The Nail Bar.

Choose your value and let them select and enjoy treatments of their choice.
£25 Voucher – £30 Value
£50 Voucher – £60 Value
£75 Voucher – £90 Value
£100 Voucher – £120 Value

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS Only. 25% OFF Winter Facials with JADE.
Brighten Complexion, Stimulate Blood Flow & Glow, Restore Moisture, Reset Your Skin

Access to 25% OFF Eve Taylor Facial Products following treatment with Jade


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The Nail Bar will be recruiting a Nail Technician in September 2017.
If you can multi task and fit the criteria and are interested in joining our team please send your CV with as much information about your past experience and work history as possible. Giving details of strong and weak points and preference on treatments if given a choice. Applicant MUST be qualified AND experienced in ALL of the following treatments…. Manicure, Pedicure, Gel Overlays, Nail Extensions and maintenance on Gel. A precise freehand french polish is essential. These treatments must be performed to a very high standard and with confidence. The therapist must be able to work to allocated time slots given for treatments. Working in a busy but fun salon, the successful applicant will need to work well under pressure. Duties include performing treatments working on reception making appointments and dealing with the appointment system. Assisting with the day to day running of the salon, including cleaning duties. Must be flexible on days and times worked, hours will include Monday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 1pm-8pm Friday 9am-8pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm. Salary will be based on performance and previous experience. Position Start Date: Send your CV direct to Victoria Reeve at The Nail Bar, 15 Head Street, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2AT or email us at info@thenailbarheadst.co.uk — at Nail Bar Halstead.


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Come and try a new hair removal technique and take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER!

A fast thorough and precise way to remove all facial hair.


Eyebrow Thread £7.00 (with discount £5.60)
Lip/Chin Thread £5.00 each (with discount £4.00)
Lip and Chin Thread combined £8.00 (with discount £6.40)
Neck Thread £5.00 (with discount £4.00)
Forehead Thread £4.50 (with discount £3.60)
Sideburns/Cheek Thread £5.00 each (with discount £4.00)
Sideburns and Cheek Thread combined £8.00 (with discount £6.40)
Full Face Thread £20.00 (with discount £16.00)
Full Face Thread (inc neck) £25.00 (with discount £20.00) THREADING PIC


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It is with much regret that we will soon be saying goodbye to our sunbed at The Nail Bar.

The demand for beauty treatments is growing day by day which outweighs the demand for our sunbed. Therefore in an effort to accommodate the clients needs we have taken the decision to remove our sunbed and create another Beauty Room.

PLEASE NOTE: The sunbed will no longer be available to use from 1st July 2017. We are offering 1.5 months notice period to all clients. Anyone who currently holds a sunbed course will be required to use their minutes before this date.

If you wish to use our sunbed before 1st July and do not have a current course we will now be offering a pay as you go scheme only of 40p per minute which will be available to use until 30th June 2017.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and I would like to assure you that we have not taken this decision lightly. We have assessed the situation fully and we have to follow client demand and what works best for the business! Thank you for your continued custom.